Any suggestions fellow Writers? Or am I doing this right? Wrong?

I realized just now that as I am searching for blogs and other sites that I have either been invited too or searched for that I have so many that I can’t remember them all. I have been so involved in trying to broaden my horizons that I didn’t pay enough attention to maybe just a few and be loyal. Instead I don’t know who I am supposed to be trying to build with so to speak. Hmmmm not good. So I am thinking that my solution to this will be to choose a few and blog and follow with them, choose a couple networks and build with them and see how it all goes. 


About jamielynnboothe

I'm a Author of Romantic Suspense and Christian Romance. I love to read and write poetry, art, cats, music and a good movie at times. When it's possible get a nap in from time to time. I enjoy helping other Authors get the word out and I'm currently signed with Limitless Publishing but I'm also self-publishing some as well.
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