Finding the time

I am sure we all have experienced this from time to time and for some a lot of the time…Finding the time to do everything we need and or want to do. It seems like 24 hours just isn’t enough time in one day sometimes. When you have to go to work 5 days or nights a week, cook and eat, maybe spend some time with some loved ones, not to mention cleaning the house and getting groceries, but then there’s us “WRITERS” who obsess over so much to do with working on our manuscripts, our blog, visiting others blogs and commenting on them, promoting our books, etc etc. plus reading others books either for enjoyment or reviewing. WHEW!!! A LOT on our plates at times it seems. So what do I need to do? I ask myself. I need to prioritize and BREATHE!!! Yes there are daily things that must be done and yes writing to me is extremely important, it is what I was born to do and I love it, but I also need to not get overwhelmed and try to relax and enjoy it more. I am guessing I need to make a regular routine of things. Do what I need to do that can be done quickly and get them out of the way, then relax and help others promote, do some blogging, LOG OUT of facebook and focus…FOCUS with some Yanni on pandora and write write write!! Yeah that’s it lol. What do you think? Let’s have some opinions from some other writers on this please. 


About jamielynnboothe

I'm a Author of Romantic Suspense and Christian Romance. I love to read and write poetry, art, cats, music and a good movie at times. When it's possible get a nap in from time to time. I enjoy helping other Authors get the word out and I'm currently signed with Limitless Publishing but I'm also self-publishing some as well.
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