A great night

Tonight was a great night, full of spirituality for me. I was honored to be able to speak in front of about 50 wonderful people who can relate to me on certain levels. I have to admit it was a little exciting to be at the center of attention ๐Ÿ™‚ but the main thing is that I was able to speak about my life and others could relate to me on some of what I said. Some were affected by what I said and in turn I was touched by their responses. It was a great night and I felt the love in the room. I am grateful.


About jamielynnboothe

I'm a Author of Romantic Suspense and Christian Romance. I love to read and write poetry, art, cats, music and a good movie at times. When it's possible get a nap in from time to time. I enjoy helping other Authors get the word out and I'm currently signed with Limitless Publishing but I'm also self-publishing some as well.
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